Monday, June 11, 2012

Creeping out my neighbors, one greeting card at a time.

There's a nice couple that live down the street from me who, for the past few springs, have tilled an enormous hunk of their land to plant a vegetable garden. It's always impressive and yields delicious looking vegetables. But I'm not the only one who's noticed. Apparently, the deer and rabbits have earmarked this cornucopia for their own. 

So this year my neighbors are trying an Alcatraz-level fencing system to keep out the critters. They've set up numerous anti-crow devices as well; pinwheels, reflectors, a plastic owl "scarecrow." Will it work? Hard to say. The fauna in this neighborhood are particularly determined. Just ask my poor zucchini plant from last summer. Oh, you can't...because he's was devoured by a pack of hungry deer!

Anyway, I sent out a little encouragement to the neighbors in the form of this card, "signed" by the deer and rabbits. I thought they'd get a chuckle out of it. But then I remembered that I didn't really sign the card or provide a return address and that the message inside is somewhat alarming. 

Right now, they're either smiling at my friendly ribbing, or phoning the police. Or maybe they actually think the deer and rabbits have advanced as far as digital printing and postage manipulation. And if they think that, they must realize their garden doesn't stand a chance. 

Down below I've posted some process shots: The doodle on the back of an envelope, then the Photoshop inks and flats. -v 


  1. ROFL!!!!!!!

    Okay, this is just too funny. I can't believe you did this. Wait, yes, I can. This is what I call truly great art.

    (I hope their fence is higher than the one in the illustration or their garden is toast as far as the deer are concerned.)

    1. Yes, I did it. And their fence is much more elaborate than in my drawing. I have a feeling they'll soon build one to keep me out.


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