Saturday, June 16, 2012

Morels:Opening The Box (it looks great!)

One of the perks of illustrating Morels is getting a few boxes gratis. So I opened one today and I'm happy to report the printer did a fantastic job. 

The colors on the cards look just like they did on my monitor when I was working on them. The cards themselves are high-quality, the text on the instruction sheet is crisp and clean, and the hand-carved foraging sticks and plastic pan tokens (limited edition only) are a wonderfully tactile bonus.

If you don't know much about Morels yet, there's a fairly comprehensive (and flattering) review by Matthew Marquand on Board Game Geek, the premiere site for player reviews and news about the gaming community. So far, most everyone has embraced the game's unique them, challenging strategy options and re-playability. It's also been a pleasure to read some of the very nice things people are saying about the artwork. My thanks to everyone for those kind reviews.

I'm not sure how much longer Brent (owner/game designer at Two Lanterns Games) will be offering the limited edition boxes with the hand-carved foraging sticks, but if you want that little bonus, drop by the Two Lanterns Games website soon and order your copy.

This week I'll start posting some behind-the-scenes/process stuff on the creation of the cards for Morels, so stop back. -v

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