Sunday, June 10, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe as a fuzzy, needle-felted cuddlebunny

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Designing these little characters for runredrun to turn into fuzzy little felts is the easy part of the equation. It takes just a few minutes to sketch out something that looks half-decent, but a week or more to turn all that raw wool into something cute. And I think this little Poe feltie is pretty cute. Runredrun actually made him look even more distraught and forlorn. A perfect state for Poe. Ok, let's cover all the bases now:

In case you don't know who Poe is, here's Wikipedia to the rescue. 

In case you haven't read much Poe, here's a smattering of his work.

In case you didn't see John Cusack playing Poe with a Van Dyke this spring, here's the IMDB page for The Raven. I saw it opening weekend and, frankly, it was entertaining enough that I didn't complain the whole way home. Maybe I'm easy to please.

Finally, here's James Mason narrating this very creepy animated version of The Tell-Tale Heart from 1953. Watch it with the lights out!

But if you already know about all that stuff and you just want to see 4 or 5 more photos of this needle-felted Poe, check out runredrun's gallery. -v

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