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Untold Tales of Bigfoot Wins A Reuben!

My webcomic, Untold Tales of Bigfoot, has won a National Cartoonists Society Reuben Divisional Award for Best Online Comic Long-Form!  The Reuben Awards -- often described as "the Oscars of Cartooning" -- have been held annually for the last 67 years with awards given to creators in all branches of the cartooning industry from newspaper strips, comic books, animation and, now, webcomics. I'm honored and thrilled to receive the award. 

Morels Is A Hit!

For a few months I've been working with Brent Povis, an independent game designer, on a new, two-person strategy game called Morels. It's a card-based game predicated on the idea that you're foraging in the woods for rare mushrooms, some deadly, and trying to outscore your opponent without getting stumbling into the many pitfalls the forest throws in your path. Here's the copy from the back of the box:

The woods are old-growth, dappled with sunlight.  Delicious mushrooms beckon from every grove and hollow.  Morels may be the most sought-after in these woods, but there are many tasty and valuable varieties awaiting the savvy collector.  Bring a basket if you think it's your lucky day. Forage at night and you will be all alone when you stumble upon an bonanza. If you're hungry, put a pan on the fire and bask in the aroma of chanterelles as you saute them in butter. Feeling mercantile?  Sell porcini to local aficionados for information that will help you find what you seek deep in the forest.

UPDATE: Thanks to gaming fans around the world, MORELS (the strategy card game I illustrated) is a big success. MORELS is the flagship game release from Two Lanterns Games and, as of this writing, it's been shipped to 25 different countries and the fan base keeps growing. 

You can read reviews of the game by gaming experts on the premiere game site, Board Game Geek.

You can order the game (and get some background info on its creation) at the Two Lanterns Games site.

If you follow my process blog, you can see all kinds of illustration process stuff for the game's cards by following this link here.

And if you'd like to see the game in person (and meet Brent Povis, the game's designer) then head over to Gen-Con, the longest-running, best-attended gaming convention in the world this August 16 -19, 2012. Stop by the Two Lanterns Games table and tell Brent I said hi. 

Untold Tales of Bigfoot Webcomic 

I've begun a little exercise in storytelling over at Untold Tales of Bigfoot. It's a webcomic inspired by those old kids comics from the 70s that you find every once in a while at garage sales and back-issue boxes in comic stores. Untold Tales of Bigfoot is intended for grown-ups, but safe for kids. Check out the latest page every Wednesday.

Interview with yours truly

I did a short interview at wherein I divulge all the hidden secrets behind my illustration process. Secrets such as..."With natural media, you can only erase so many times before you're staring through a hole in your paper, but digitally, I can go back a hundred times if I change my mind." Mind-blowing stuff, no? Well, If you're interested in reading more, you can find all the links in my blog post here.