Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Monsters Find Loving, Haunted Homes

The best part about designing these felted art dolls for runredrun.com is that I don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. I come up with a concept, I draw a sketch, I email it to my friend and ba-boom! it gets turned into a cute, creepy little wool sculpture you can set on your desk, bookshelf or mantle. Yeah, mantle. They're that classy.

My mummy design was turned into a felted art doll last month at runredrun.com as well as the little vampire you may remember from my previous post. Just this past week, both the mummy and vampire ended up being adopted into a loving home of monster fans. If you enjoy these little guys as much as I do, you should follow the runredrun blog to see all the new monsters as they're created, some work-in-progress images, a gallery full of cute, creepy creatures and info on which ones are for sale. Happy Halloween. -v

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