Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en!

From the entire staff here at Vince Dorse Studios, from the custodial staff to the accountants, from the concept department on up to the illustration bigwigs, we want to wish our thousands of loyal blog followers a very spooky Hallowe'en.

That means Happy Halloween to all six of you from me and the cat.

Since this is the big Halloween weekend and most people are already squeezing into their sexy zombie costumes, or sexy firefighter costumes, or sexy spongebob costumes, this post probably won't get a lot of play until Monday morning. But I'll break down this scarecrow illustration anyway because my Saturday nights are an abyss of loneliness and boredom. Thanks for the invitation to the costume party, everybody I know! And I was even going to wear my sexy illustrator costume.

You may notice the illustration on the left here is roughed up to look vintage, but I didn't really break that down in the work-in-progress images. In case you're interested, it's basically just a lot of painting in wrinkles. Seriously. Not much to it. For all the steps leading up to that, you can follow along with the images below.

The whole concept of the Pumpkinhead Scarecrow was created as a doll design for runredrun. Under my work-in-progress steps you'll find images of my original design as well as a photo of the finished, wool art doll. He's sweet and he's spooky. And if you want to see more of his ilk, you can head over to and check out all the other little monsters.

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