Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Village Of The Damned Poster In Hollywood Theatre Benefit Show

Most Wanted Fine Art is holding an art show/fundraiser for the Hollywood Theatre in Dormont featuring works by local artists this July. As a fan of both the Hollywood and the concept of neighborhood theatres in general, I was pleased my Village Of The Damned poster was accepted into the show.

I've been working on a series of retro-scifi posters for some of my favorite horror movies. This one's a tribute to Village Of The Damned, one of the finest "creepy kid" movies of the past century. There's something fantastically unsettling about hyper-intelligent fourth-graders that can read your thoughts and control your mind. I was about halfway through this image when a friend tipped me off to the fundraising event for the Hollywood Theatre.

If you'd like to see the image up close (or purchase it for some unknown reason) it will be hanging in the Hollywood Theatre, Dormont, along with the works of over 50 other local artists through the month of July. The opening reception on July 2nd is free, and there will be music, short films, an exhibit by John Lysak and other fun. Most of the details can be found at the Facebook Event page.

All of the artwork in the benefit show will be for sale if you should feel inclined to help out the Hollywood Theatre and keep the tradition of neighborhood movie houses alive in Dormont. Though, I may have subconsciously priced my poster just high enough to ensure I'll be taking it home to hang in the spot on my wall I picked out for it before this whole fundraiser thing even started. -v

UPDATE: I just got back from the opening reception at the Hollywood Theatre and it seems some mysterious benefactor has purchased my Village Of The Damned poster. Was it a fan of classic sci-fi movies? Perhaps a civic-minded individual who wanted to help out the Hollywood Theatre? Or could there be someone out there who actually enjoys my art!? Much like the Great Tootsie-Pop Riddle, the world may never know. But a big thanks to that shadowy stranger for helping make the event a success. And remember, the show's up for the rest of the month if anyone else would like to purchase some of the art and give a boost to the theatre.

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