Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Not Art...It's "Artsy"

October's here and, to celebrate, I've decided that even birthday gifts get to dress up for Halloween. These are some presents I recently wrapped for a friend whose birthday is next week. One of them is the Batman Begins DVD, another one is the Dark Knight DVD, and yet another is a book about Bigfoot. Which is which? The world may never know.

The gag here is to make birthday wrapping so engaging that the recipient is wracked with guilt over opening the gift. Most of it was done with simple construction paper, but Bigfoot needed some texture so I used a sheet of downy brown felting and some fur for the eyebrows. And rest assured, there is so much glue holding that Bigfoot wrapping on he'll never get it open even if he tries.

And, no, he's not gonna see what I got him for his birthday because he doesn't read my blog. So there. -v

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