Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gallery Page Illustration : Step 4 (correcting a grievous error)

Step four, fixing my mistakes. I was so busy in the last step worrying about contrasts and texture that I hadn't realized the hastily sketched hands of the boy didn't look right. So they need to be fixed.

First, though, I wanted to paint in a very basic environment. Just a ledge, really. But with a defined light source (the robot's headlamp) I can define the ledge with the cast shadows under the figures. All good, but those hands have to get gone.

I redrew the hands so they looked like they were holding the book. I don't really use reference that often, but I needed this to be right so I took a picture of myself holding a book. You can see the comparison down below.

Now that all of the major problems with the piece have been addressed, there's just one more important step -- critiques from my bigmouth illustrator friends. Should be fun. -v

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