Friday, June 12, 2009

Do You Own This Face? Better Learn To Duck!

I was sketching in a coffee shop the other day, and some blabbermouth was yammering away on his cell phone at the next table. I can usually tune people out when I'm drawing, so after a minute I forgot he was there. No problem.

But the artist friend I was sitting with was obsessed with the guy. She kept leaning in, her dyed-black goth hair tangling in my pencil, whispering, "Look at that guy. Will you just look at him? I wanna punch his face." I'm on deadline, so I ignored her. But she kept it up for ten minutes! "Look at his face! It's exactly the kind of face you just wanna punch."

I knew I wouldn't get any work done if I didn't look, so I turned around. You can tell by my caricature this guy would crack like an egg if you hit him. So consider this sketch a public safety announcement. If you have this face, look out. There's at least one crazy art chick who's looking to clean your clock. -v

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