Sunday, January 27, 2013

Untold Tales of Bigfoot Is Gettin' Crazy!

Man, I've been so busy working on my Untold Tales of Bigfoot webcomic that I haven't posted to this process blog for a while. Don't worry, I will. I just have to gather up some assets and write the dang posts. Until then, you might want to take a look at what's been taking up all my time.

Things are getting crazy over at my weekly webcomic blog, Untold Tales of Bigfoot. It's the story of an adorable dog named Scout who gets lost in the woods and runs smack dab into a lonely Bigfoot. Will they get along? Will Bigfoot make a new friend? Will Scout ever get home? Find out by following the comic (sign up for weekly updates delivered directly to your email!) and let me know what you think. As a bonus, there's also fan art from some of the most talented comic creators on the web, process posts about creating the art for Bigfoot and, every once and again, real life news updates of Bigfoot sightings in the real world. So come on by. Ain't no party like a Bigfoot party! -v

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