Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Page 12 (again with more fan art!)

This week, in his quest for food, Scout employs his Olympic diving skills. See how things shake out at Untold Tales of Bigfoot. 

And, to celebrate Halloween, I have a giant sack of fan art for you to see. 

First, I had fun doing a Bigfoot/Checkered Man mash-up for Denver Brubaker's Trick-or-Treat Fan-Art series over at The Checkered Man webcomic. Denver had a bunch of webcomic artists dress their characters up as his Checkered Man character.

Then, I exchanged fan-art with Jeff Crowther, creator of Yeti 4 Hire. My Yeti fan-art is displayed proudly over at his site. While his amazing Bigfoot fan-art is just a short scroll down below the latest page at Untold Tales of Bigfoot.

Quick! Go look at all of that then come back and tell me how cool it is. -v

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