Friday, October 26, 2012

My Fan Art for Tom Dell'Aringa's Marooned

This is some fan art I did for fellow webcomic writer/illustrator, Tom Dell'Aringa. Tom's got a long-running webcomic called Marooned about a space captain and his robot co-pilot stranded on Mars. You should check it out. Maybe you've seen the Untold Tales of Bigfoot fan art Tom sent me. This was my response and it was a blast to do. Here's a quick process breakdown. 

This is the original pencil sketch and the basic inks. The inks were done in Photoshop. The lettering in Illustrator. 

Here are the inks with the starry sky, then the flat colors done in Photoshop. After the flats were in, I painted in simple highlights and shadows, then aged the piece with some yellow to give it a classic, sci-fi feel (image up top).-v

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