Friday, March 23, 2012

My Violin Girl Got Another Job

You might remember my violin girl illustration from a while ago. Recently she was licensed to appear in the header of a very informative website that's a treasure trove of resources for the budding violinist. offers everything from basic violin terminology and tuning tips to short, online video lessons and even tips on purchasing your violin. The site also serves as a storehouse of links to various online drills, tricks and practice methods for the violin.

This is clearly a labor of love for Stephanie, the proprietor of the site (designed by her brother, Charles). I try to support sites like this, where someone just freely gives of their time, knowledge and expertise in order to help thousands of anonymous web-users from whom they'll rarely hear a 'thank you'. I like that. Giving is good. So if you're an aspiring violinist (or know someone who is), you should check out It's a great learning resource and I hear there's some nice artwork in the header. -v

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