Friday, March 30, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen...My Mother.

It's not really my mother. Barely looks like her at all.

But I recently noted that whenever I talk to her on the phone I end up filling any nearby paper with doodles. Before calling her today I decided to run an experiment. I set up a blank document in Photoshop, dialed her number, and soon after she started talking I started doodling. No plans. No preconceived ideas. Just free form doodling. My goal was to start when the call began and stop when we hung up.

And this is what I got after about a half hour. It looked, at first, like it would end up as some sort of Uncle Fester doppelganger, but then my mother talked for an extra few minutes and the goon ended up with a wig. So. Successful experiment? Meh. To avoid creating a series of paintings of oddball goons, maybe next time I'll cue in on something my mother says and use that as a prompt. We'll see. I'm concerned that may end up as a series of "disappointed mother" images. -v

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