Monday, February 6, 2012

My Illustration Ale Bottle

Here's my limited edition, Illustration Ale bottle, sitting in its place of honor on the shelf above my drawing desk.

I had a great time meeting the other Illustration Ale artists at the Toonseum Saturday night. All the labels looked fantastic, and it turns out Scott at East End Brewing is running a very green, very earth-conscious operation down there. Awesome.

As you know, proceeds from the sales of these bottles go toward helping the Toonseum. So if you missed the release party, feel free to stop in at East End Brewing and pick up a few bottles for yourself. And for those of you who did make it, thanks for doing your part to advance the cartoon arts in Pittsburgh.

Also, to the lovely young lady who had me autograph her bottle, thanks again. You truly made my night. -v

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