Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy 3rd Halloween, Max!

It's that time of year when I send off a personalized Halloween card to my good friend, Max. This is his third Halloween and I'm looking forward to the photos of the costume -- always a surprise. This kid, he doesn't even realize how good he has it yet. He's got at least a decade of trick-or-treating ahead of him before the neighbors start eyeing him up as some sort of trouble-making weirdo lurking around their porches looking for handouts. Some of us aren't that lucky.

So this time around, to celebrate his third Halloween, Max gets a trio of revelers enjoying the holiday. I know he doesn't really read or appreciate these cards yet, but his dad's hanging on to them. "I'm keeping them in a safe place," he tells me, "You case you ever amount to anything." That's sweet.

I hope Max gets a wheelbarrow full of candy this year and that he has as much super-spooky-fun as I did when I was a kid. Same goes for everyone reading this. Have a great Halloween this year. Try to enjoy it like you were three years old. -v

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