Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Just No Fun Without You

Here's a cute little heartbreaker of an illustration that rarely fails to elicit a sympathetic "awwww" from the people I show it to. Mostly the women. A guy "awwwed" once and three other guys standing nearby beat him up. It was crazy.

Tell you what...that monkey party does look like fun. But that one little monkey is just too sad to enjoy it. I guess he misses his monkey girlfriend. Maybe it's his monkey ex-girlfriend. It's been such a long, lonely time since he had anyone special to throw poop at. Sigh. Wonder why they broke up?

Anyway, this was a gentler take on an earlier gag of mine where two guys were staring down into a barrel, one of them saying, "I guess it's a lot more fun if the monkeys are still alive." I was probably in a bad mood that day. Regardless, the whole thing got me thinking, once again, about the origin of the phrase. Luckily for me, the internet lives in the same machine where I do all my art. So I typed in the question and the answer was about what you'd expect. Read all about it here.

And when you're done engaging in illicit etymology, you can take a look at my work-in-progress steps below. Have fun. In fact, have a whole barrel of it. -v


  1. Vince, I love this! I bet if you worked up a flat-color version, you could submit it as a t-shirt design to Threadless or one of those other sites. Seriously.

  2. Thanks, Pat. I never consider that option but it's a great idea. Once again, you trump me at marketing. I'll work up a flat version and let you know how it goes. -v


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