Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Gags, Part Two

Here's my other, kinder, gentler Mother's Day card design for this year. It's intended for people who might not enjoy (or understand) sarcasm (grandma) and, thus, the perfect card to come home to after church or brunch or a walk in the flower garden or whatever it is grandmas like to do on Mother's Day.

The work-in-progress steps are below if you care to see how I put it together. Nothing fancy, really. I wanted something that was sweet -- something akin to an old Disney cartoon -- but also wanted it to have an aged, retro feel -- like you tore it out of an old Mad Magazine (or Esquire or Playboy) you found in a dusty attic somewhere. Pretty sure my grandma never read Mad or Playboy but I think she'll like this anyway.

The toughest part was coming up with the gag. I knew I wanted the classic "baby animal mistakes something for its mom" gag --you know, like the old porcupine/pin cushion schtick -- but nothing I doodled was cute enough. A friend finally suggested the funny hat punchline, inspired, no doubt, by all the wacky hats at the royal wedding -- so thank goodness somebody pays attention to that stuff. -v

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