Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day Gags: Part One

In between paying jobs, I like to draw personalized greeting cards for my friends and family (which I simultaneously submit to art directors in the hopes of scoring paychecks in the process). And this time of year is bursting with opportunities for that diversion (Easter, Mother's Day, graduations, etc.). It's good practice and it gives people the impression that I'm a sweet, sentimental guy. The whole thing is win-win for me.

Anyway, since I judiciously avoided the irony of mailing out either Earth Day or Arbor Day cards, I'm now posting the first of two (yes, two) Mother's Day cards -- thereby making up for all the natural resources I conserved in the past month.

This first one is a simple, desert island gag. It's a little passive aggressive and possibly only funny if you know my mother, but it's way too edgy to send to grandma. I'll post her much sweeter card next week. In the meantime, enjoy this gag and the work-in-progress steps below. And when you're done reading this, go buy something nice for your mother. -v

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