Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beethoven Rocks!

A friend of mine is in the midst of teaching her grade school kids about Beethoven. Since both of us are fans of the old Schoolhouse Rocks! educational shorts, we were lamenting that those cartoons aren't around anymore for the current generation of school kids. That's when she decided to take a page from that notebook and start fiddling around with funny little songs about Beethoven. Of course, they were a hit with the kids.

While she was busy writing hilariously abridged versions of Beethoven's life, I was charged with doodling a little caricature of the composer reminiscent of the style of those early 70s cartoons. We both had so much fun working on this that it'll probably be an ongoing project. To the left is a short sampling of some of the stuff we came up with. Below are the very simple work-in-progress steps for the Beethoven caricature. Pencils, inks, flat color to simulate an animation cell. Look forward to more of this silliness in the future. -v

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