Sunday, April 10, 2011

Attention Lady In White Fans: Frankie Goes To Tuscany!

The last time I extolled the virtues of Lady In White (one of my favorite movies) I received a very nice, thumbs-up message from Frank LaLoggia, the film's multi-talented writer/director/producer/score composer.

Yesterday morning I was thrilled to find yet another message from Frank in my email. It seems the renaissance man has released a collection of original music titled Frankie Goes To Tuscany. If you locked me in a haunted cloakroom I might describe it as an eclectic mix of jazz, new age and pop mixed with some really evocative soundtrack scoring...but I've never been comfortable labeling things. So ignore all of that, visit the Frankie Goes To Tuscany website and listen to the samples. I like this stuff, maybe you will too. And while you can download the album for a decent price, you also have the option of ordering it directly from Frank in Italy (anybody else jealous of this guy yet?) and Frank will personally sign the CD for you.

Now, while Frank's latest endeavor from sunny Tuscany may seem worlds away from the creepy atmosphere of Lady In White, I couldn't help but be inspired by his email to sketch up a quick homage to that horror masterpiece. So here's Frankie Scarlatti, dressed in his cement-covered Dracula costume (if you don't know why he's plastered with cement, watch the movie). It was a quick turnaround on this, but my work-in-progress steps are below for anyone who's interested.

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