Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everybody Stretch!

That's right, stop whatever you're dong, stand up and have a good stretch. Get the blood pumping, get the oxygen flowing to your brain. There. Didn't that feel good? Now you're refreshed and ready to do some productive work instead of falling asleep at your desk and drooling on your keyboard. Now get back to work!

That's the theory behind this illustration -- just the latest in a series -- commissioned by a grade school music teacher who happens to be a friend of mine. Apparently, every once in a while you need to shake those kids up, get them refocused and burn off the desire to fidget. It improves learning, emotional positivity and physical health. So go ahead...stand up and stretch. It's good for you.

The work-in-progress steps include the very rough pencil sketch, the inked line and the flat-color version. -v

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