Thursday, September 30, 2010

Doing Squat And Getting Paid For It!

Finally,I offer you Squat. The final member of the perpetually active, ethnically diverse "Rhythm Kids" that are at the forefront of grade school kid wrangling. Again, this was a piece done for a grade school music teacher and is used with all the other rhythm kid illustrations, alternately, to teach rhythm and work off the sugar rush from lunch. (see "Stretch" below this one and the original four Rhythm Kids here).

I've posted the work-in-progress below. There's the very rough pencil sketch. Then the inked line art (inked digitally, by the way). And then the flat-color version, the last step before smudging in the highlights and shadows. It's a pretty simple illustration done in under an hour, but I'm told the kids in the classroom are "transfixed" by these things. Go figure. Now if these kids would just hurry up and become art directors at major publishing houses, I'd be in business. -v

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