Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Computer May Be Dying

I sat down at my computer desk the other day only to find my monitor flashing digital gibberish. I heard a woman's high-pitched screaming and, after a few moments, realized it was me. I tried to fix the problem but nothing worked. So I brought the computer to my tech guy who said it might be a faulty graphics card or, worse, a malfunctioning logic board.

I felt a pang of empathy. I know what it's like when your logic board goes haywire. It's happened far too many times in my life and usually results in emotional chaos or financial disaster. It'll mean a good, swift kick in the wallet if my computer's logic circuits are bad (goodbye french pedicures) so let's all hope it's just a minor glitch.

"But how did you draw this stupid cat picture?" you're asking. Well, ok, I used my other computer. "Two computers, Vince?! Are you some sort of billionaire time traveller from the future?" Maybe. The problem is my backup machine has a much smaller monitor and I barely ever use it so everything feels all clunky and weird. Even this clunky, weird cat misses my primary computer. Chances are, until that machine is fixed, I'll be working traditionally at my illustration desk-- if I remember how to hold a pencil. So you may be seeing the fruits of that labor on this blog sooner or later. And yeah, that's a threat. -v

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