Friday, September 25, 2009

Gallery Page Illustration : Step 2 (underpainting)

Ok, here's step two of the new illustration I'm doing for my website. I slap down some basic colors, keeping the light sources in mind.

At this point, a lot of illustrator friends I know would polish up the rough edges at this stage and stop. It's got a nice, watercolor feel to it and that appeals to a lot of people. Me? Eh. I like it, but it lacks some of the punch that I like to have in my illustrations.

Other friends would advocate pushing this much farther. Pushing for realism in a way that approaches a fantasy illustration. Hard to say. I like a lot of different styles.

Still, tune back in for the later steps. Maybe you'll agree with some of my friends and tell me I should've quit while I was ahead. Maybe you'll say I didn't push it far enough. Maybe you'll think I should've gone into retail instead. -v

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