Monday, June 29, 2009

Experiment : Birth Of A Space Monster

I thought this might be mildly interesting. I was flipping through a friend's notebook (not an artist, per se) and found some sketches of monsters and astronauts. I decided I'd take 2 of the characters and develop them into a finished, color illustration. Guess I had a lot of time on my hands.

This image to the left is the final illustration. I started with a pencil sketch, inked it on paper with actual ink (!?!) and colored it in the computer (adding all that retro wear-and-tear just for fun). I posted the work-in-progress below for anyone who's interested.

The steps that lead from innocent doodle to complete waste of a Saturday are:

1) The charming, original sketches I shamelessly appropriated from a friend's notebook for my own personal gain 2) My take on the characters as a pencil sketch 3) I wanted to practice inking by hand, experimenting with a brush pen. I was afraid inking in the computer was making me lazy. I was right. I'll be practicing more often in the near future. 4) Some basic colors slapped on in the computer. Overall, I think the experiment was a success. I'm definitely going to try this again soon. -v

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