Saturday, April 11, 2009

He Dyed So That Chocolate Bunnies Could Live (and have their heads bitten off)

My mother will tell me this illustration is sacrilegious.

I will counter that by stating it's an editorial comment on the supplanting of traditional religious iconography with modern-day secular symbolism as a result of rampant consumerism and spiritual ambiguity.

But really? This is how I remember Easter as a child: Lots of praying in a hot church, plenty of talk about rising from the dead. But mostly it was about seeing how much of my Easter candy I could stuff down my throat before Monday morning.

For the record, I really couldn't stand the giant coconut eggs or the marshmallow peeps...but I ate them anyway. That the concentrated sugar in my system didn't blow my head off like a champagne cork is yet another Easter miracle. -v

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