Monday, March 23, 2009

Real Tales of Medical Horror

I'm lucky enough to avoid doctors and hospitals most of the time because I rarely get sick. And that's good because hospitals creep me out. But last week my left ear felt a little clogged and it was driving me crazy, so I visited my local med-center. As it turns out, it was just a little inflammation and fluid left over from a 24-hour bug that flattened me a few weeks ago.

After a 20-minute wait I was taken into an examining room and a nurse practitioner took a look at me. The entire examination was barely five minutes long - honest to god - and the prescription was this: Wait three weeks to see if it goes away and maybe take some Clairitin-D. That's it. The bill? A hundred and fifteen dollars!!! For five minutes! That's $23 a minute! And it's not like they actually did anything! What a racket. I hope someday they need me to draw a picture so I can charge them a million dollars. -v

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