Monday, January 5, 2009

Inside Joke : Mark Brewer Thinks I'm an Idiot

I did this piece in the style of my good friend and fellow illustrator, Mark Brewer, to illustrate just how dumb he thinks I am. The other day he tried to explain to me what an invoice is. Seriously. Like I've been sending my clients baloney sandwiches instead of invoices!

The actual quote was, "You'll need an invoice to send to clients when you're finished with an assignment because that's standard procedure or you won't get paid." Like I can barely put my pants on in the morning without help! Mark's a great guy, a good friend and a very successful illustrator. Otherwise I would've punched him right in the mouth.

In his defense, I can often seem like an idiot without really trying. And he'll probably want to punch me in the mouth for attempting to draw like he does. So I guess that evens us up. Ok, now I'm off to eat dinner. I'd better call Mark and ask him how to use the fork. -v

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