Monday, June 3, 2013

Untold Tales of Bigfoot by Vince Dorse wins a Reuben Award!

Fantastic news: Untold Tales of Bigfoot has won A Reuben Divisional Award for Best Online Comic Long Form! The Divisional Awards are given for "outstanding achievement and excellence in the category." So this is a nice shot in the arm for a comic that started out as an experiment to improve my drawing and storytelling skills. I'm still working hard to get better at this stuff, but a Reuben is a very nice pat on the back along the way. 

The Reuben Awards -- often described as "the Oscars of Cartooning"  -- have been held annually for the past 67 years with awards going to creators in all branches of the cartooning industry from newspaper strips, to comic books to animation and, now, webcomics. The award is given by the National Cartoonists Society.

Last year was the first appearance of the Online Comics category at the Reubens. That first time winner was Jon Rosenberg for Scenes From A Multiverse. This year that category was expanded into two: Online Comics Long-Form and Short Form.

With my win this year, I suppose I’m the Inaugural Winner of the Online Comics Long-Form category with Untold Tales of Bigfoot and Graham Harrop is the first winner of the Short-Form category with his comic, Ten Cats. So in 10 years when someone wins the Online Comic Long Form Reuben you can all look back and say, "ah, yes…that award was first given to Vince Dorse for his heartwarming, all-ages comic, Untold Tales of Bigfoot…upon which they based the cartoons, movies, fashion line, theme park and energy drink."
Thanks to everyone who has supported Untold Tales of Bigfoot from the beginning as well as any new readers who have jumped on since the publicity from the award hit the web. I hope you continue to come back and enjoy the comic and follow the adventures of Bigfoot and Scout every week as I post updates. Here's the link to the comic in case you haven't given it a tumble yet. -v

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