Monday, April 8, 2013

Scaredemy Fan Art Process

Another fan art exchange over at my award-nominated (what? yes!) webcomic, Untold Tales of Bigfoot. This time, I exchanged mash-ups with Jack Slade, the creator of Scaredemy, a funk family-friendly webcomic about a school for monsters. To see Jack's impression of how my Bigfoot character would look in a Scaredemy school uniform, check this out. And if you'd like to see the process behind the above image (Scaredemy's Wolfric howling at the moon with Untold Tales of Bigfoot's Scout) then just keep reading. 

The pencils. The concept behind this wasn't hard to come up with. Scaredemy's Wolfric character is a young werewolf. So having him howl at the moon seemed natural. And tossing in my lost, little dog Scout was the next logical step. 

 Once the pencils are scanned into Photoshop, I ink them.  

The flat colors are also dropped in with Photoshop. I normally don't use gradients or blurs in my own webcomic, but the moon needed a glow and since this was a mash-up I figured, meh, why not? Gradient with a blur for that eerie moonlight effect.

I use some custom brushes to create the grass/leaves and also paint in the highlights and shadows. This is the next to the last step. After this I used a chalk brush to create the rings of moonlight, and threw a bit of texture down on top of the whole thing to complete it (top image). 

Wolfric's a great character and fun to draw. But there's a whole cast of great characters in Jack Slade's Scaredemy. So check it out when you get a chance. And don't forget to stop in and visit Untold Tales of Bigfoot on your way. -v

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