Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Piggy Bank Illustration for the Pittsburgh City Paper

Whenever I do an illustration for the Pittsburgh City Paper, I'm given crisp, clear instructions by their art director, Lisa, and it's always a great work experience. So when she asked if I had the time to doodle up a tall politician placing a piggy bank high on a shelf, out of reach of a short politician I jumped at the chance. 

This one's an interior spot illustration, in color, for this week's City Paper. With newsprint, I normally opt to ink the lines in black and use big, flat areas of bold color so it really jumps off the page. Very comic booky. But this time I felt like trying the technique I usually reserve for my children's illustrations. Very soft, penciled lines, faux watercolor tints. I ran the idea past Lisa and she told me it would print just fine. That's good news. That really frees me up stylistically for any future City Paper assignments. 

Below are some process steps for the illustration. Nothing too crazy. Pencils, digital color, layered shadows and highlights. Now I'm off to grab a small stack of City Papers to sign for my adoring fans. -v

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