Sunday, September 2, 2012

Untold Tales of Bigfoot Webcomic, Page 001 Process

We're still in the early stages in the great webcomic experiment, but I thought I'd post the process for some of the pages. It's a learning exercise for me, so there may not be a lot of knowledge to impart here, but I always find work-in-progress steps interesting. Maybe you will too. This, of course, it the inking stage. Done in Photoshop over scanned pencils (which, apparently, I deleted) this is how it looks before color.

Next step, flats. Self-explanatory, I just paint in the flat colors of all the shapes. For no particular reason, I did the flats on a separate layer on this page. There are a few ways to paint in the flat colors, some people like to do it right on the "inks" layer, other people do it on a layer above. I'll probably try out different methods just to see which one suits me best. Anyway, without the inks…

…it looks like this. Weird, right? I tried a method where I filled each panel with a base color to help avoid gapping around the lines. Worked out ok for the first page, but everything's an experiment.

And this is the finished page, complete with highlights and shadows. Not bad, but I'm hoping as the comic progresses things will look even better and take much less time to create. That's the goal. To get better. If you want to follow along with the story and see if I get any better, check out the Untold Tales of Bigfoot. Updates every wednesday…if I can help it. -v

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