Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Avengers, Assemble! Hulk...Smoosh?

In anticipation of the release of the Avengers movie this weekend, RunRedRun has taken my cartoony Hulk designs and turned them into a very angry, very fuzzy Incredible Hulk fiber art doll. He's big, too. Probably the largest felted wool doll RunRedRun has put together. He stands 11 inches tall but -- get this -- his arms move! In an arcing, "Hulk Smash" sort of way, his arms are hinged so he can properly show his rage. And with his arms raised above his head he's about 14 inches tall.

Below you can see some very rough design sketches and a collection of potential faces to choose from. My friend at RunRedRun chose the classic Hulk grimace and turned those rough sketches into the fuzzy behemoth you see in these early photos.

To ramp up for the Avengers movie, check out RunRedRun for more photos. And until the movie comes out, you can amuse yourself with my uber-geeky, goofball, action figure recreation below. -v 


  1. Very impressive (even for someone who isn't an AIP Alumnus). I like the drawings of Hulk that do not make him look like a neanderthal with an overbite best. (I can recommend a good orthodontist, however, if necessary, having had no less than THREE kids in braces simultaneously. He might give a special rate to a super hero.)

  2. Yes, but wouldn't children with an overbite be comforted by a plush hulk who shared the same affliction? Regardless, I think the proper facial expression was chosen in the end.


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