Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Stuff 2,000 CDs Into An 8-Inch Box

I listen to a lot of music when I'm drawing. Pro Secret: I've drawn many a fuzzy bunny while blasting Iron Maiden through my speakers. But the cd collection is getting out of hand and studio space is at a premium. So it's time to modernize.

I picked up an external drive with plenty of space (3 tb) and, over the last couple weeks, I've been archiving all my tunes on the hard drive. First benefit: the songs are right there at my fintertips. I never have to search through my cds again. If I'm in the mood for AC/DC, I just click the song and keep drawing. Ramones? click. Prince? click. Nancy Wilson? click. Hank Williams? click. Mike Viola? clickety-click-click-click. You get the picture. 

Second benefit: I keep my drink on my desk while I work and now I can use the discs as coasters. 

Third benefit: I can take the music with me whenever I go on one of those nice, long vacations we freelancers are always taking. 

Big thanks to friend/illustrator Mark Brewer for giving me the idea to digitize. Tangential shout-out to friend/illustrator John Blumen who claims he doesn't  listen to music while he works (what?!). Quick note to music lovers: copies of my hard drive go on sale next month to help fund my various computer purchases. -v

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