Thursday, September 22, 2011

When You Think Football, You Think Vince Dorse, Natch!

Clearly hip to my legendary, almost encyclopedic knowledge of American Football, an ad agency recently asked me to create some comic art for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The concept? Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is a superhero, flying around Pittsburgh, keeping an eye on the city. Right up my alley.

The deadline was tight -- like, overnight tight -- but I felt pretty comfortable with the comic book/superhero framework and figured I could get it done. I did. But I watched the sunrise from my computer desk the morning it was due. Literally. That's the glamorous world of freelance illustration, kids.

The comic is slated to show up in the Gameday Magazine during five (5!) Steelers home games and is currently on the Steelers Facebook page as part of a "how does the story end?" promotion. You can check it out here at this link. (side note: getting samples of your own work is notoriously difficult. if anyone goes to the game and happens to get a copy of the magazine with my comic in it and doesn't happen to want it, I'd be happy to have a copy myself. so let me know, thanks!)

Below are some of the work-in-progress steps to getting this thing from sketchbook to print. The lettering was done by the fine folks at the ad agency, and -- I noticed -- they also tarted up my Steelers "bat-signal" in post. Collaboration. The life blood of the illustration biz. -v

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