Monday, December 20, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Robot (Christmas Wrapping Part 3)

Ok, here's a bit of fun. My friend who likes robots is getting this put-it-together-yourself paper robot from me for Christmas. But the robot isn't the gift, really. The robot will be scattered in secret locations around his house, each piece containing instructions on where to find the next piece. The third and final piece of the robot will tell him where to find his actual gift. And on the slim chance that he actually reads this post, I can't reveal what the gift is (though it'll probably be some kind of robot). Work-in-progress steps below.

1) this was the rough sketch of the robot, which I then scanned and placed in Illustrator.

2) After tracing my sketch in Illustrator with the Pen tool, I colored it, printed it and cut it out.

3) Here's the leg support piece, cryptically inscribed with instructions to find the torso.

4) And, finally, here is the horrible cell-phone photo of the assembled robot.

After he finds his actual gift, he can spend the next few minutes assembling his paper robot and marveling at how clever his friend is. -v

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