Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Monster Drawing...And A Story About Monster Drawings

This is just a quick monster drawing I did to accompany this post (work-in-progress steps included).

When I was a kid, maybe seven or eight years old, one of the other kids we hung around with was diagnosed with leukemia. We'll call him Rich. I didn't know much about leukemia at that age, just that things were suddenly different with Rich. He was a skinny kid to begin with, but I recall him getting thinner as he got sicker. And I remember another friend and I visiting Rich at his house when he wasn't able to get outside to play anymore. It was dark in the house and Rich spent a lot of that visit resting in his bed. I also remember the day my parents told me Rich finally succumbed to the leukemia. Not a great ending to that story, but it all came flooding back when another friend sent me the following item.

There's a young man in Kansas by the name of Aidan who, like me, has always enjoyed drawing monsters. It seems that Aidan has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. But unlike my friend's childhood leukemia, Aidan's is a cost.

Aidan's parents aren't wealthy and his dad has had to take a lot of unpaid vacation time from work to help care for Aidan. Until recently, it looked like the family would have to sell their house to pay for the medical bills. But that's when Aidan's aunt decided to throw a Hail Mary pass and sell prints of Aidan's monster drawings online to help pay for the chemotherapy and other medical costs. The amazing thing is the plan has started to work. Check it out:

You can read Aidan's story here. And you can buy prints of Aidan's Monsters here.

Sometimes monsters can be really great to have around. -v

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