Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 2nd Halloween, Max!

October has rolled around again and it's time for my young friend Max to celebrate his second Halloween. Last year I sent him this handmade wild thing card I drew with ink and watercolor. Chances are, that card was quickly smudged with chocolate and disposed of properly.

But this year I'm going head-to-head against his peanut butter cups with this cute, Halloween Bear card. How could anyone resist this little guy? As with last year's card, this illustration was done in natural media. This time it's all colored pencil. I worked on a heavily textured watercolor paper which, in hindsight, made it a little tougher to lay down the colors the way I wanted. But, in the end, I like the natural feel of it. And, really, Max won't mind. He'll probably end up using it as a napkin.

Below are some of the work-in-progress steps. The process starts with the basic, pencil sketch and then I just keep layering on colors. Here's hoping we can all enjoy Halloween with the enthusiasm of a two-year old this year. -v

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