Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gentleman Ghost Meets Gentleman Geek

Why do my friends keep wasting their hard-earned cash buying me gifts best suited for malingering schoolchildren? Because they know that inside this hulking shell of (let's face it) a badly dressed gorilla lives the soul of a ten-year old boy with a.d.d.

So here is a quick illustration of Gentleman Ghost, DC Comics super-villain and all-around snappy dresser. For anyone interested, I've also posted some of the work-in-progress steps below as well as a photo of the action figure that inspired this post. Thanks again to my generous, enabling friends.

The only thing you're not getting here is the audio of me speaking in an effete, British accent saying, "Sorry, Batman, but you don't stand a ghost of a chance -- bwah-hahaha!" And, as you've guessed, you're really not missing that much. -v

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