Monday, May 18, 2009

Illustration Friday : Contagious

I'll admit I've lazed off doing these Illustration Friday things. I'd like to blame it on other deadlines but mostly I just didn't dig the word prompts.

This week I wanted to draw a zombie. It's been a long time between zombies and I thought it would make my day. By chance, I noticed the Illustration Friday word prompt was "contagious." So. Serendipity.

Remember when everyone was going crazy with Swine Flu panic a couple weeks ago? Shaking hands was outlawed and if someone coughed in a restaurant everyone would scatter like cockroaches when the lights go on. I thought, "Man, if that's how everyone acts with the flu, how panicky will they get when the zombie infestation starts?" But to tell you the truth? I didn't leave my studio for a week. Didn't walk outside. I rarely do. Germs are everywhere, people are dirty and it's only gonna get worse. You wanna protect yourself? Follow my lead. Stock up on supplies and get some deadbolts. That way you're ready for the next outbreak whether it's the flu or zombies. -v

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