Saturday, February 7, 2009

The New Yorker Has Lost Another Subscriber

That is, they might have lost a subscriber if I actually subscribed to the New Yorker...but probably not because it's a pretty good magazine. And I'm really only pretending to be bitter anyway.

I forgot I had this one lying around. It was an entry in this year's New Yorker Magazine "Eustace Tilley" contest. It didn't make the final cut but I had a lot of fun doing it (about a month ago) and it gives me more filler for this blog.

As my entry was the only snowman out of over 370 entries I have to conclude that The New Yorker just doesn't dig snowmen. Why would they? Maybe the wit isn't wry enough or dry enough or whatever it is urbane editors find amusing. Although, in a winners' circle featuring zombies and cross-dressers, you'd think I stood at least a snowball's chance.

No worries. Lesson learned. Next year I'll draw a zombie snowman in a dress. -v

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